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Assalamualaikum Bapak/Ibu Dosen .
Berikut update Info resmi dari PLTI Pusat.
InsyaAllah PLT85 UNUSA, akan menyelenggarakan TOEP dan TPDA secara luring/TFO/datang di tempat tes.

Peserta : Internal dan Eksternal

Pendaftaran peserta dan pembayaran : hingga 11 November 2020

Pelaksanaan Tes
Pada :
Rabu, 11 November 2020
Kamis, 12 November 2020

TOEP : 09.00 WIB
TPDA : 13.00 WIB

Pendaftaran terpusat melalui laman :

“Seluruh kegiatan tersebut mengutamakan SOP Protokol Pencegahan Covid19”

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

CP Koordinator :

English In Medicine

English in Medicine, keep watching  …



Mengingat pentingnya skor TOEFL bagi dosen, ULC membuka kelas pelatihan persiapan TOEFL ( TOEFL Preparation ) bagi Anda.

Tempat pendaftaran :

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Sekretariatan ULC :

UNUSA Kampus B, Jl. Raya Jemursari No. 51-57 Surabaya ( RS. Islam Jemursari )

Informasi :

WA Official ULC : +62 895-7002-13801

Chat hours 07.00-15.00 Active day

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Sosialisasi program ULC pada peserta Try Out SMA/SMK Se-Surabaya


Pada hari Minggu, 6 April 2014 Direktur ULC Semino Hadisaputra, M.Pd mensosialisasikan program ULC pada acara TRY OUT AKBAR SMA/SMK Se – Surabaya yang di selenggarakan di Kampus A UNUSA , Jl. SMEA No. 57 Surabaya.


The Business of English – Episode 4: Any other business?


Episode 4 – Transcript


In this episode we look at how to chair a meeting.

DENISE: Has everybody got a copy of the agenda?

Would you mind taking minutes John?

JOHN: Not at all.

DENISE: Good. Well, then let’s get started.

First of all, thankyou everyone for attending at short notice.
As you know, the objective of this meeting of the Capital Works Committee is to discuss a proposal for some urgent building work at our Southside plant. As we’ve got to reach a decision which may involve spending, we’ll run it as a formal meeting.
Now, you’ve read the proposal, so without further ado, I’d like to open it up for discussion.
Perhaps if we can start with you Tan – what’s your view?

TAN: Well, I’m not convinced that the work is as urgent as this report suggests, so perhaps we should…

DENISE: So, to sum up – I think we are all aware that some urgent work does need to be done, and we will need to work on a longer term plan for a major refit.

Well, if there’s no more discussion – we’ll put it to a vote. We’re recommending that tenders be called for the urgent work needed. All those in favour?

All those against?

Then that’s agreed.. Any other business?
Then we’ll close the meeting. Thankyou everyone. The next meeting will be in two weeks, at the same time…