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Episode 3: Getting Acquainted



In this episode we look at the things you can say to someone you’ve just met.

WAITER: Another drink sir?

WALTER: No thankyou.

SUE: Excuse me – is anyone sitting here?

WALTER: No – please have a seat.

SUE: That’s better – my feet are killing me!

WALTER: Have you been here long?

SUE: No, but I just flew in this morning, and I haven’t had a chance to sit down since then.

WALTER: Oh, where have you come from?

SUE: From Manila.

WALTER: Is this your first visit to Australia?

SUE: No, I have been once before, but it was a long time ago.

WALTER: And have you been to Sydney before?

SUE: No, it’s an amazing city.

WALTER: Yes, it has its points. But you’re lucky to live in Manila. It’s a fascinating city.

SUE: What about yourself? Do you live in Sydney?

WALTER: No, I live in Melbourne. I’m just here for the conference.

SUE: I’m going to Melbourne later. What’s the weather like there?

WALTER: Not too good in winter, but at the moment it should be okay.

So, how’s your hotel?

SUE: It’s good. Very convenient – just near the harbour.

WALTER: Have you seen the Opera House yet?

SUE: Yes, we flew right over it!

WALTER: Excuse me – there’s someone I must talk to. (stands) It’s been very nice to meet you. I’m Walter by the way.

SUE: You too. I’m Sue. Perhaps we’ll meet later.

WALTER: I hope so.

Episode 2: Why don’t you join us?



VICTOR: Well, it’s been good to meet you Sam, and very interesting to hear about your business.

SAM: Look, we are having a small dinner for some of our clients and friends after this. Why don’t you join us?

VICTOR: That’s very kind of you. I’ll just check with my associate whether they have other arrangements for us.

SAM: Your associate is most welcome to join us too.

VICTOR: Thankyou – excuse me.

WALTER: This is Sam Eriks from Eriks imports. He has very kindly invited us to a dinner.

SAM: Yes, would you like to join us?

WALTER: Unfortunately I have another engagement, but thankyou for the invitation.

SAM: Well, perhaps you could join us after that for a drink?

WALTER: Sounds great. I’d be happy to. Where shall we meet?

SAM: How about the lounge bar here. At about ten?

WALTER: I’ll see you then. Excuse me…



SAM: Lin. Victor’s joining us for dinner.

LIN: Oh wonderful.

VICTOR: I hope you don’t mind.

LIN: Of course not, you’re most welcome.

SAM: Well, shall we make a move?

LIN: Would you mind if I just say goodbye to a few people?

SAM: No problem – we’ll see you outside in a few minutes.

LIN: Okay.


IMG_4563 IMG_4562

Free English Conversation dihadiri oleh seorang mahasiswa Universitas PETRA Surabaya. Kemarin Minggu,  Tanggal 12 Januari 2014 di stan royal plaza Lantai LG blok AB-18 ( Depan Hypermart ). Program ini dihadiri oleh Director of ULC Drs. Semino Hadisaputra, M.Pd dan Senior Tutors of ULC Tiyas Saputri, S.S., M.Pd


ULC Bagi Voucher Gratis Kursus di stand Royal Plaza Surabaya

Bagi Voucher kursus Gratis

UNUSA Language Center ( ULC ) bagi – bagi Voucher kursus senilai Rp. 500.000,00 di stand Royal Plaza Lt. LG Blok AB-18 depan Hypermart. Hal ini bertujuan untuk mensosialisasikan ULC kepada masyarakat.

Voucher ULC yang telah diberikan kepada pengunjung FREE English Class pada hari Rabu, 8 Januari 2013 pukul 18.30 WIB kemarin. Voucher di bagikan langsung oleh Direktur ULC yaitu Drs. Semino Hadisaputra, M.Pd.

Kami ucapkan selamat atas pengunjung Free English Class.

Salam ULC.


Peresmian Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama surabaya

Peresmian Universitas NU Mendikbud M.Nuh (tiga kanan) didampingi Menteri BUMN, Dahlan Iskan (tiga kiri), Ketua PBNU, Said Aqil Siradj (dua kanan), Ketua Komite Ekonomi Nasional (KEN) Chairul Tanjung (dua kiri), Wakil Gubernur Jatim, Saifullah Yusuf (kiri) menekan tombol menekan tombol bersama disela-sela peresmian Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya (UNUSA) dan Ground Breaking UNUSA Tower RSI Jemursari di Surabaya, Jatim, Sabtu (27/67). Menurut M Nuh, UNUSA diharapkan sumber daya manusia (SDM) Islam menjadi manusia yang unggul, mampu bersaing merebut peluang ekonomi, berkompetensi di masa mendatang. (ANTARA FOTO/M Risyal Hidayat)