VICTOR: Well, it’s been good to meet you Sam, and very interesting to hear about your business.

SAM: Look, we are having a small dinner for some of our clients and friends after this. Why don’t you join us?

VICTOR: That’s very kind of you. I’ll just check with my associate whether they have other arrangements for us.

SAM: Your associate is most welcome to join us too.

VICTOR: Thankyou – excuse me.

WALTER: This is Sam Eriks from Eriks imports. He has very kindly invited us to a dinner.

SAM: Yes, would you like to join us?

WALTER: Unfortunately I have another engagement, but thankyou for the invitation.

SAM: Well, perhaps you could join us after that for a drink?

WALTER: Sounds great. I’d be happy to. Where shall we meet?

SAM: How about the lounge bar here. At about ten?

WALTER: I’ll see you then. Excuse me…



SAM: Lin. Victor’s joining us for dinner.

LIN: Oh wonderful.

VICTOR: I hope you don’t mind.

LIN: Of course not, you’re most welcome.

SAM: Well, shall we make a move?

LIN: Would you mind if I just say goodbye to a few people?

SAM: No problem – we’ll see you outside in a few minutes.

LIN: Okay.